Connections: What are LMS Role Settings?

What are LMS Role Filters? 

After I make my connection, I see "Role Filters".  What should I select and what does it impact? 

LMS Role Filters are important in mapping your native LMS roles to IntelliBoard.  At the simplest terms, you're telling IntelliBoard which roles in your LMS you consider to be 4 major types*:  

  1. Admin
  2. Course Admin 
  3. Instructor 
  4. Learner 

    *Note: Role types may vary from LMS to LMS; not all LMSes have all role types.

Where are these found? 
After making an LMS connection and while editing a connection, you'll see "Role Settings".  Click the tab to open, where you'll see all roles unique to your LMS populated into the platform.

What should I do? 
Review each category and select the corresponding roles.    Note that all roles are populated under each section.

What does it impact? 
Role selections impact two major functions: 
1) IB User Sync Permissions 
2) Builder Calculations for what is 'mapped or linked' to pre-built calculations to understand each role, for example 'Is this person considered an instructor in the report builder?'

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