Connection: BlackBoard LMS with

Prior To Connection:

  • Blackboard Data access must be enabled in order to use this connection method.  For more information on enabling this service, please visit
  • Ensure access to your institutional Blackboard Data account.  Without institutional access, you may not be able to complete setup, or may see incomplete data.

Blackboard Data Setup:

  1. Log in to using either your institutional account.
  2. If you have previously enabled a service account, please reset your password to avoid connection issues.  If you have not enabled a service account, expand the menu by clicking the 3 bar icon in the top left, then choose "Settings" under Developer:
  3. To enable the service account, click "Change Password"
  4. Next, click "Developer" in the left menu.
  5. From the Developer page, find the "Access Your Institutional Data" card and click "Launch Snowflake"
  6. This will open Snowflake in a new tab or window.
  7. First, copy the url from the browser's address bar.  Only include the portion between https:// and  .com, such as ""
  8. Use the service account name and password from BB Data to log in.
    1. Note: do not use SSO or a personal account to login, make sure you are logging in with the BB Data service account.
  9. From the Left menu, click Data then Databases:
  10. Find the database you wish to connect to IBPro in the middle column, and click it to expand permissions in the right hand window:
  11. All we need from here is to copy the database name - typically "BLACKBOARD_DATA_" followed by a hash number.  You will need to copy the entire hash number along with the prefix for step 3.4 below.

IntelliBoard Pro Setup:

  1. From your IB Pro admin account, select Integrations from the top menu.
  2. Find the BlackBoard Data card and click +Connect.
  3. Enter the information as required:
    1. Name: Friendly name for the connection
    2. Host: this is the url from Snowflake, step 7 above. Reminder: only include the portion between https://  and ".com"  
    3. Port: 443 is the default port for Snowflake.  Confirm the user has not changed this.
    4. Data Base Name:  this is the database name copied from Snowflake under CDM_LMS.
    5. URL:
    6. Username: the service account username (ex: SVC_BLACKBOARD_DATA) or preferred/current Snowflake account.
    7. Password: the service account password or password for your previously activated Snowflake account.
  4. Set the connection to active, choose the processing frequency, and click save.
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