Connections: Zoom with Server-To-Server OAuth

Zoom Setup

  1. Log into your Zoom account as an administrator. In the left menu, navigate to Advanced>App Marketplace:
  2. On the top right, hover over Develop and click Build App
  3. Find the Server-to-Server OAuth card and click Create.
  4. Assign a name to the app, such as "IntelliBoard-Zoom"
  5. You will be presented with credentials to allow the connection to IBPro:
    1. Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret are required for connection.
    2. You will be able to return to this screen after completing the steps, so don't worry about copying the info over now.  If you complete the IBPro connection steps before finishing the Zoom steps, an error will occur.
  6. The Information page requires a developer name and email to continue.  You can use "IntelliBoard" and "" for these fields.  A description and other details may be assigned, but are not necessary.
  7. The Feature page contains additional security tokens, but these are not required for connection.  Click continue.
  8. Several scopes will need to be enabled for processing and reports to work in IBPro.  Click the +Add Scopes button:
  9. Enable all options for the following scopes:
    1. Meeting
    2. Webinar
    3. Recording
    4. User
    5. Account
    6. Contacts
    7. Dashboard
    8. Phone
    9. Report
    10. Role
    11. Room
    12. Zoom Events
  10. Click Done
  11. On the Activation page, click Activate

IntelliBoard Pro Setup

  1. From your homepage in IntelliBoard Pro, click "Integrations" in the top menu bar.
  2. Find the Zoom card, and click +Create
  3. Choose which LMS connection to associate the Zoom connection with
    1. Note: this creates a join between Zoom users and LMS users via the email address.  This is required in order to associate Zoom data with LMS data.
    2. Zoom may be created as a "standalone" connection, which enables reporting in IBPro, but will not create associations with LMS data.
  4. Enter the Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret Keys as seen in step 5 from the app creation in Zoom.
  5. Set the processing time and frequency.
  6. Make sure the app is activated in Zoom, then click Save in IBPro.  You should see green check marks next to the Account ID, Client ID, and Secret Key fields.  
  7. To trigger processing immediately, go to Connection Settings, find the Zoom Tokens sub-menu, and click "Process."
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