Connection: Canvas Data 2

Canvas Data 2 Connection

Note: Canvas Data 2 is a supplementary connection that replaces the Live Events service.  You will still need to connect flat files and data service for full Canvas reporting.

Canvas Side

  • To generate keys for Canvas Data 2, visit and search for your institution:
  • You will be required to login to your Canvas account using administrator credentials.
  • Click the +Add New Key button in the top left.
    • Give the key a name
    • Choose an expiration date
  • Under Key Type, choose “Institutional Use” and click Save
  • Note: While IntelliBoard is listed under the “Instructure Partner” choice, this will email us the keys directly and may delay setup over proceeding with the Institutional Use choice.
  • The site will then display the Client ID and Secret.  If you are not ready to paste these credentials to IntelliBoard, save them in a secure location until ready.

IntelliBoard Setup

  • If you already have Canvas set up in your IntelliBoard account, go to Connection Settings and add the Key and Secret from the last steps under the “Canvas Data Tokens” section:
  • Otherwise, set up Canvas using the URL of your instance along with the Client ID and Secret from the Developer Keys menu under Admin, and add the Data 2 Tokens during this process.
  • Select the processing frequency for Canvas Data 2: data is refreshed every 4 hours for the Data 2 stream.  Select how frequently you need the data to be imported to the IntelliBoard platform.
  • Once all information is entered, click Continue
  • You will need to process the connection manually the first time after adding new credentials.

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