Connection: Canvas Data 2

Canvas Data 2 Connection

To configure an IntelliBoard connection, you must be an Administrator of the LMS and IntelliBoard Pro with full admin permissions.

Note: Canvas Data 2 is a supplementary connection that replaces the Live Events service.  You will still need to connect flat files and data service for full Canvas reporting.

Canvas Setup

  1. To configure Canvas Data 2, visit and log in with your administrator credentials. 
  2. In the left hand menu, click "Admin" and select "Developer Keys."
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  3. Click the "+Developer Key" button in the top right corner and select "+API Key" from the drop down menu.
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  4. Complete the "Key Name" and "Redirect URLs" fields and click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner. You can name the key whatever you wish. The redirect URL for IntelliBoard Pro is 
  5. Find the newly created Key in the "Developer Keys" list. Ensure the state toggle is "On" and copy the "Client ID" listed under details and reveal and copy the "Client Secret Key." These need to be added to the IntelliBoard Pro connection. Steps are in the next section. If you are not ready to paste these credentials to IntelliBoard, save them in a secure location until ready.
  6. To generate keys for Canvas Data 2, visit and search for your institution. You will be required to login to your Canvas account using administrator credentials.
  7. Click the +Add New Key button in the top left corner.
  8. Give the key a name and choose an expiration date.
  9. Under Key Type, choose “Institutional Use”, chose 1 year in the Expiry drop-down and click Save
    Note: While IntelliBoard is listed under the “Instructure Partner” choice, this will email us the keys directly and may delay setup over proceeding with the Institutional Use choice.
  10. Click the “Reveal OAuth Credentials” button.
  11. The site will then display the Data Client ID and Data Client Secret. These need to be added to the IntelliBoard Pro connection in the Canvas Data Tokens. Follow the IntelliBoard Pro Setup instructions below. If you are not ready to paste these credentials to IntelliBoard, save them in a secure location until ready.

IntelliBoard Pro Setup

IntelliBoard Pro Setup:

  1. From your IB Pro admin account, select Integrations from the top menu.
  2. Find the Canvas CD2 card and click “+Connect” in the bottom right hand corner of the card.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Once all information is entered, click "Continue"
  5. You will need to process the connection manually the first time after adding new credentials.

Canvas 2 LMS Integration.png

Canvas Data 2 connection.png

LMS Name: Friendly name for the connection for identification purposes

URL: Copy and Paste the URL of your LMS Note: Include HTTPS:// and do not include any additional pathways

Client ID: The Client ID was created in steps 1-5. Copy and paste it into this form.

Client Secret Key: The Client Secret Key was created in steps 1-5. Copy and paste it into this form.

Category: IntelliBoard allows you to create categories for your connections. Use the drop-down menu to view options if wanted.

Active: Set the connection to active

Dynamic Tables: Check the box for Dynamic Tables, also known as LMS Native Tables (eg. Syllabus).
NOTE: Please consult with your IntelliBoard implementation manager or solution expert before enabling that

Processing Frequency: Select the processing frequency for the integration. Data is refreshed every 4 hours for CD2.

Data Client ID: The Data Client ID was generated in steps 6-11.

Data Client Secret: The Data Client Secret was generated in steps 6-11.

*If you already have Canvas set up in your IntelliBoard account, go to Connection Settings and add the Key and Secret from the last steps under the “Canvas Data Tokens” section.

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