Installing plugin to Moodle

Your data is waiting... install the IntelliBoard Plugin today!

Click here for a video for this installation step. Click here to watch the complete installation video which includes the IntelliBoard Sign Up, plugin installation, and Moodle Connection process. 

If your LMS system is hosted externally, most Moodle hosting providers are already partners with IntelliBoard. Simply initiate a support request with your provider. For additional support on downloading the plug-in, click here.

Setting up Plugin 


Click here for a video for this installation step (1:02) or watch full video here.

Option 1: Downloading Plugin from GitHub

 Plugin.GitHub_1.png Go to and click "Clone or Download".
 Plugin.GitHub_2.png  Click "Download Zip".  Continue on to "Installing plugin in your LMS system.


Option 2: Downloading plugin from


From your LMS system, click Site Administration > Plugins > Install Plugins. 

Click "Install Plugins from the Moodle Plugin Directory".

Plugin.Moodle_2.png Log-in to Moodle plugins. (You will need to have your credentials from 
Plugin.Moodle_3.png Once you are logged on, search for "".
PLugin.Moodle_4.png Click on plugin and then click on "Go to Plugin Page".
PLugin.Moodle_5.png Click "Versions" (blue highlighted tab) and then click Download.


Installing plugin to your LMS system

PLugin.Install_1.png From your LMS system, click Site Administration > Plugins > Install Plugins. 

Find the IntelliBoard Plugin downloaded from either GitHub or  Please note the Plugin must be in a .ZIP file.  (If you are a Mac user, you must "re-zip" the file.)

Note for Mac Users: When files download, they are typically automatically unzipped.  Please compress the IntelliBoard file before uploading it.

Click "Install plugin from the ZIP File".


Save As "IntelliBoard" 

Click "Upload this file".

Plugin.Install_4.png Click "Install plugin from the ZIP file".
Plugin.Install_5.png Click "Continue".
Plugin.Install_6.png Click "Upgrade Moodle database now".
Plugin.Install_7.png Click "Continue".

You will be brought to Site Administration> Plugins > Local Plugins> Plugins automatically. 

Enter the first name, last name, and email of the IntelliBoard subscriber and then click save.


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