Creating your IntelliBoard Account

Your data is waiting... create an account today!

If you prefer to watch a video on the complete installation and connection process, click here.  Click to 0:10 for the segment that best corresponds to this page.


Create your account one of three ways:

  1. Linking your Google or LinkedIn account
  2. Using the IntelliBoard Registration Form
  3. Clicking "Sign Up Now" after clicking "Sign In" (see image below)



Verifying your account

After signing up for an account with IntelliBoard, you must verify your account via email. Please check your email account and click the link provided in the email from IntelliBoard.  

This will bring you directly to your IntelliBoard account. From your new IntelliBoard account, click "My Dashboard".  Then click "Settings" to add a Moodle Connection (click here for the support page on creating a Moodle Connection).


QUICK LINKS: Pricing (Don't forget to click "Compare Plans") | Connecting IntelliBoard to Moodle Site | Installation Video

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