IntelliBoard FAQ is a service that allows Moodle administrators to preview Moodle data in a user-friendly customizable format. To start using IntelliBoard, please choose your sign-up here.

How does IntelliBoard work?

The IntelliBoard plugin connects to your Moodle instance.  Our plugin is approved by and available in the list of plugins at or at GitHub.  The IntelliBoard plugin connects through Moodle web service and connects via REST protocol. The Moodle token is required when using plugin.  As such, the Moodle server must be able to be accessed through a public URL. 

Does IntelliBoard store my data? 

No, IntelliBoard's reports and analytics are done in real-time and IntelliBoard does not store your data.  IntelliBoard uses a JSON object to capture and report the data you specify with each click or report change. 

How do I connect my Moodle site to IntelliBoard? 

Please review our complete connection video here, or visit our support pages here.  More questions? Don't hesitate to contact us

I can't see my reports or data.  Help! 

If you cannot click Reports, Analytics, or the Notification Center (or they appear to be greyed out), please check your IntelliBoard/Moodle connection.  Click here for additional directions.

If you have an established connection, you may need to update your plugin.  IntelliBoard's plugin is updated approximately every 4-6 weeks with new features. Some reports will appear and/or work incorrectly with previous versions.

My reports are not showing time spent. 

Time spent and visits will be calculated from the plugin forward.  Please ensure time tracking is enabled in the Moodle system: System Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard > Settings > Time Tracking section. Enable time tracking and please click save.  Additionally, please click the "More/Hamburger" menu and ensure that time spent/visits is enabled in the individual report.


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