Overdue Learners (Overdue Users)

The Overdue Learners report displays overdue learners by course, completion date and completion status. The report also allows a user to enter a completion date not captured intrinsically within the LMS itself.


  1. Search for data in your report instantly.
  2. Filter dates: Choose specific dates to filter by the user’s enrollment date in the course.
  3. Export data into designated formats and add your LMS user profile fields to this report.
  4. Email the report or schedule the report for future email delivery.
  5. Pull up additional Learner Details by clicking the blue link in the Learner column.
  6. Pull up additional Course Details by clicking the blue link in the Course Name column.
  7. Need help? Click the red chat box or schedule training.


Use the Hamburger Icon to remove columns of your report.  For additional directions, click here.
Learner Learner's First and Last Names as entered the LMS system; click Learner for more details
Course Name Course name associated with the learner in the LMS system; click Course Name for more details
Email Learner's email in LMS system
Enrolled On Date learner was enrolled in the course in LMS system
Completed On Date learner completed in the course
Score Learner's current grade in the course
Status Designates if the learner has completed or not completed the course (this function must be enabled in your LMS system)


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