Overview of Visual Builder - layout, filters, format, calculations

The Visual Builder in IntelliBoard Pro allows you, the IB User, to create your own reports from scratch—without the need to know any SQL programming!

1. Layout Area (Displays the columns, filters, and formatting as you build)

2. Layout Menu (Lists the columns that you can add to the report, Add Field to add datapoints/columns)

3. Filter Menu (Create drop-down filters or hidden filters to narrow the data in the report)

4. Format Menu (Change the look of the report-colors, fonts, and conditional formatting)

5. Calculation Menu (Create stored formula/columns to reuse in other reports)

6. Preview Report Button (See what your new report will look like before finalizing)

7. Preview SQL Code (Review the SQL code for your newly created report)

8. Settings Menu (Change the name, description, and add tags for easy searching)

9. Cancel/Save to Dashboard Buttons (Exit out of the builder-cancel to delete what you created, or Save        to add the new report to your My IntelliBoard dashboard)

10. Update Preview Automatically toggle that allows to turn on/off automatic data update on preview upon any changes on Layout. When it is on data on preview is updated right away when adding/modifying/removing columns/filter on Layout. When it is Off preview remains unchanged untill refresh button hit.

11. Show All Available allows to show up all available tables on Layout even if they are not supported by currently active LMS/SIS etc.
Bulk Mode allows to select multiple column at a time once on in order to add them to dataset.

12. Search box allow to search through tables schema to find desired table/columns by its name.


The Three Builder Menus:


The Layout, Filter, and Format menus are the three main Visual Builder menus. Within these three menus are all the components needed to build a report from scratch. 


Layout Menu:

Chart type selector allows to switch between different chart type.


Layout > Add Field

Show All Available toggle controls whether to show all tables IntelliBoard Next support or tables available only for current LMS
Bulk Mode allows the addition of multiple columns at once when on.

The search box allows searching through tables schema to find desired table/columns by their name

Choose Type Tables allows selection from all the categories for all data points available from your LMS, that IntelliBoard NEXT can utilize to make columns in the report. 


Main Table Category Types available:

  • Unified Tables - most common tables across multiple supported LMS that IntelliBoard defined and pulls data into from LMS
  • Connected non-LMS platforms (SIS, conferencing tools, attendance tools, HRS etc.). e.g.Hubspot, Ellucian, Moongoose Cadence., etc.
  • Active Dynamic Tables - native LMS tables that have been utilized already in at least one dataset (customer report/chart/dashboard) 
  • Inactive Dynamic Tables - native LMS tables that have not been utilized yet in any dataset (customer report/chart/dashboard) 
    NOTE: Dynamic Tables (native LMS tables) are available for Canvas and Moodle-based LMSs.
  • InContact - tables used for IntelliBoard's communication storring tool (listed if utilized)
  • PLA - tables used for IntelliBoard's Predictive Learning Analytics tool (listed if utilized)
  • Other inform - tables created by customers to bring additional data that is not stored in LMS/SIS or other sources that can be integrated directly.

In the filter only desired table categories can be selected 

Expanding a category displays available datapoints/columns in the category.

Table types selected in a filter can be modified at any point to bring additional /hide unused table types

Filter Menu:



Select "Create" to add a filter to your new report.



Similarly to the Layout Menu, the Filter Menu displays categories with available datapoints that can be filtered. Selected Table type on Layout page is kept for filter tab. But it may be adjusted from Filter tab as well.




Selecting a datapoint to filter, you will be directed to available options: Select Type (drop-down filter for selecting individual or multiple options), Hidden (for the setting to be filtered in the background), and Alphabetic Range (filter by selecting a range between A-Z).




Filter operation options: Is selecting required to run the report, will it be single or multi select. Picking "Apply Filter" will create the filter in the new report. 


Format Menu:


The Format Menu allows you to change fonts, add colors, and move around the columns in your new report. Text and background colors, font sizes and bold font can all be selected here. Additionally, Each column can be formatted independently:


Here in column formatting, you can change the column name, freeze the cell, and add text options such as a prefix to clarify data or make the data stand out. You can even add Conditional Formatting, to give certain data in the column a specific look and feel:


Format>Conditional Format>New Rule


Here you can specify certain data points to be highlighted in the column. For example: If I had a column that was reporting how many days since last submission, and I wanted to make any submissions that were overdue by 15 days, I can select the "more" operator and have any days over 15 highlight in a color, a pill, or both.


That's the basics! There is so much more we can do here in the builder with Layout, Filters, and Formatting. Experiment with your own newly created report, or reach out to Helpdesk@intelliboard.net for support, suggestions, or guidance! 

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