Student Performance Report

The Student Performance report demonstrates how students are performing academically in each course, based upon the progress bar, letter grade, number of completed activities, and overall score. The report is sorted by the course enrollment date, or "Started" column. 

Data in the report can be viewed by Course (selecting course list dropdown) or by all Courses.

Users can

  • email the report
  • schedule the report for future email delivery
  • view the report by date range
  • instantly search for data on the report
  • export data in the report into CSV, XLS, PDF formats
  • add additional fields from user profile in the Moodle LMS

Data columns include:

  • Student
  • Course name
  • Started
  • Progress
  • Letter
  • Completed activities
  • Score
  • Status
  • Visits
  • Time spent
  • Additional column headings can be added based upon existing user profile fields.

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