SCORMs: Activity Detail (SCORM Activity Attempts)

The SCORM Activity Detail report displays learner detail for specific SCORM content.


  1. Search for data in your report instantly.
  2. Export data into designated formats and add your LMS user profile fields to this report.
  3. Email the report or schedule the report for future email delivery
  4. Need help? Click the red chat box or schedule training.


Learner The learner's first and last name as entered in the LMS system
Email The learner's email as entered in the LMS system
SCORM Activity Name The name of the SCORM activity as entered in the LMS system
Course Name The course associated with the SCORM activity as entered in the LMS system
Attempts The number of time(s) the associated learner attempted the SCORM activity
Total Time Spent The amount of time the associated learner spent on the SCORM activity
Started On The date/time when the assoociated learner began the SCORM activity
Completed On The date/time when the associated learner finished the SCORM activity
Average Grade The average grade of the SCORM activity; if there was only one attempt, this is the grade, but if there were more than one attempt, the grade show in an average of all attempts
Details By clicking the "Show" button, it will details of each attempt made by learner (highlighted in yellow above)


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