Widget General Overview and Functionality


Widget General Overview

Widgets, also called "Snapshots", provide an overview of data, often graphically.  One widget is captured above with an orange circle. Widgets may be reviewed by clicking "Widgets" in the left-hand navigation column and are organized into three categories: 1) Learner, 2) Course, and 3) Performance. 

To organize widgets, click and drag the snapshots into the new location.  To manage (enable or disable) widgets, click the green "Manage Widgets" button (indicated above by the small orange circle). 

Setting Date Filter


To set the Date Filter, click the middle of the date range.  The calendar, with short cuts, will appear. Click a short cut or a beginning and end date. Click "Apply" after setting the dates. 

The widget defaults to Moodle's date range, but then will remained saved after the first time you click apply.

Report Functionality


By clicking the More or "Hamburger" icon, six additional functions appear for each widget. 

Refresh runs the widget again. 

Maximize expands the widget to the size of the web browser.

Delete removes the widget from page. Click "Manage Widgets" to re-enable snapshots once they have been deleted.


Click Schedule to set a notification to receive a copy of the widget by email.

Separate additional emails by commas.

Set the time period, the frequency, and the file type. 

Snapshot_Share.png Click Share for access to embed code, download an image or the widget, or send via email.  Send the widget to multiple emails separated by commas.
Snapshot_Export.png Click Export to download the widget as a PDF, XLS, or CSV file.

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