QUIZZES: Overview & Question Detail (Overview)

The Quiz Overview & Question Detail report is frequently used to validate assessment rigor and/or course content validity.



  1. To create the analytic report, first set the Course and choose the Quiz Name.
  2. Export data into designated formats and add your LMS user profile fields to this report.
  3. Email the report or schedule the report for future email delivery.
  4. Need help? Click the red chat box or schedule training.


The Correct/Incorrect Answers pie chart displays the aggregate number of correct and incorrect answers across all students for the chosen quiz.

The Quiz Finished bar chart displays the time period and number of users who accessed and finished the quiz on a given day and within a specific time period.

The Quiz Grades line chart displays the distribution percentage of learner grades for the quiz.

The Quiz Breakdown table displays the Name (question name within the chosen quiz), the number of answers for the associated question, the aggregate of correct answers, and the aggregate of incorrect answers. This may be used to determine question validity and/or rigor.

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