Moodle Connections

To set up your Moodle Connections, please click "Settings" and then "Moodle Connections".  Please note you must be logged in as the main IntelliBoard subscriber.  If you need additional Moodle Connections, please review the IntelliBoard Subscription Levels here and click "Compare Plans".


To create a Moodle Connection, click "Add Moodle Connection".  For additional steps on creating Moodle Connection, please click here.


Once a Moodle Connection has been created, you can filter by Connection Status (All states is both Enabled and Disabled) and search for Moodle Connections by name.

Moodle Connection Name of the Moodle Connection, as entered in IntelliBoard.  You can click the Moodle Connection Name to view and/or edit the connection details.
Date Created Date the Moodle Connection was added to the IntelliBoard site.
Microsoft PowerBI Enable or disable Microsoft PowerBI.  For additional information on Microsoft PowerBI please click here.
Status Green dot denote the Moodle connection is enabled; red dot denotes the Moodle connection is disabled. Click the dot to enable or disable the Connection.  If the red dot does not turn green with a click, please edit the Moodle Connection.
Connected Instructors The number of Moodle Users/Instructors accounts within the IntelliBoard subscription.
Users The number of users in the LMS system.  NOTE: This is how IntelliBoard determines Subscription Levels and pricing.
Learners The number of learners in the LMS system.
Courses The number of courses in the LMS system.
Size The size of the LMS system.
Actions Please see the table below regarding the Action icons.


Actions Icons

Settings.Moodle_Connection.Actions.Moodle_Instance.png Settings.Moodle_Connection.LMS_Filters.png Select the filters/settings related to the connected LMS Moodle site.
Settings.Moodle_Connection.Actions.Define_Teaher_Roles.png Settings.Moodle_Connection.Teacher_Roles_View.png

Select the LMS roles you wish to associate with"Teacher" function in IntelliBoard. The same is true for Learner roles and the"Student Function" in IntelliBoard.


Note: If you have custom roles, please ensure the custom roles are allowed to view IntelliBoard in their role permissions in the Moodle system.

Settings.Moodle_Connection_Support.Pencil.png Settings.Moodle_Connection.Edit_Instance.png Edit information related to the Moodle Connection here. 
Settings.Moodle_Connection_Support._Delete_Icon.png Settings.Moodle_Connection.Actions.Delete.png Delete the Server from the IntelliBoard subscription.


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