Login Statistics

The Login Statistics report displays learner login and time-on-site, time-on-courses, and time-on-activities statistics.


  1. Search for data in your report instantly.
  2. Filter dates: Choose specific dates to filter by when the user account was created in the LMS system.
  3. Export data into designated formats and add your LMS user profile fields to this report.
  4. Email the report or schedule the report for future email delivery.
  5. Need help? Click the red chat box or schedule training.


Click the Blue Dot, which turns the red dot and brings up the yellow box.  This yellow box includes additional report columns that are not currently in view.
Use the Hamburger Icon to remove columns of your report.  For additional directions, click here.

Report Columns

The Learner's demographic information is pulled from the LMS site.

The report also outlines details of the learner's LMS access history.

Report contains and can be sorted by the columns listed to the right. 

  • Learner
  • Email
  • Registered (Date the learner enrolled in the LMS system)
  • First Login
  • Last Login 
  • Time on site 
  • Time on courses
  • Time on activities 
  • Phone 1 and 2
  • Institution and Department
  • Address, City, County


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