Performance Widgets


Performance Overview

Widgets, also called "Snapshots", provide an overview of data, often graphically. To manage (enable or disable) widgets, click the green "Manage Widgets" button in the top left-hand corner. For an overview of snapshot functionality, please click here.

System Information

The System Information bar displays site-wide information.  Visits are calculated by the number of clicks; total clicks, total clicks on courses, total clicks on modules.  Time Spent must be enabled in your IntelliBoard system and will begin calculating from the time of plug-in download. Time Spent calculations in IntelliBoard may be different than Moodle logs because of IntelliBoard's real-time analysis of user engagement. Total time on disk refers to the size of resources in your LMS system.

Performance Widgets

Note: Please ensure you set your date filter!


The Total size of resources for all courses widget shows total size of resources that users uploaded to courses. It shows the name of the course, the size of the course, and the course creation date.


The HTTP requests widget shows in percent HTTP requests within the selected time frame.  The HTTP requests refer to the type of activities that are being utilized in your LMS system.


The Languages used widget is a pie chart with the user's language by percentage.  Hover over the pie slices for additional details.


The Visits from 10 most active IP addresses widget shows 10 the most active IP addresses from which users visited site.


The Operating Systems widget shows the percentage of different operating systems from which users visited site. "Other" may indicate when a user turns off identifiers in his/her settings.


Browser Statistics widget shows in percent the statistics of visiting site from browsers. Unknown or Other browsers may occur if a user has turned off identifying information in his or her settings.

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