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Learner Overview

Snapshots, also called "Widgets", provide an overview of data, often graphically. To manage (enable or disable) snapshots, click the green "Manage Snapshots" button in the top left-hand corner. For an overview of snapshot functionality, please click here.

System Information

The system information block provides an overview of total learners, enrolled learners, and their status in the LMS system.  

Learner Snapshots

Note: Please ensure you set your date filter!


The New registrants snapshot shows the number of new registrants (horizontal axis) by date (vertical axis) during a selected time frame.  


The Registrants snapshot shows percent of learners registered by enrollment method (Manual enrollment, Self enrollment, Guest access, Cohort sync, Course meta link, PayPal). Hover over the pie chart for a tool-tip with more data.


The Unique sessions snapshot shows the number of learners' unique sessions (horizontal axis) in the LMS system by date (vertical axis) during the selected time frame.


The Most active users on courses snapshot shows the list of the most active users during a chosen time frame. It includes the learner's name, courses, visits (clicks in courses), time spent, and last access. 


The User Activity snapshot displays the number of visits (clicks) by active users system wide (horizontal axis) by date (vertical axis) during a selected time frame. 



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