Learner Detail Overview

Learner Detail Overview

Don't miss out on more information about your courses. The Learner Detail Overview is just below.

If the Learner is a blue hyperlink in IntelliBoard, click the link to pull up the LEARNER WINDOW, pictured below.

If there is a BLUE CIRCLE, click the circle to pull up additional information about the learner in the course. (The Blue Circle appears when there are too many columns for your screen. Use the "Hamburger Icon" to remove extra columns.)



The left side of this page consists of 4 blocks.

First block shows the learning progress of the current learner, learner's location, the date of first and last access to Moodle site.  You can call the learner, send email and highlight current learner.

Second block shows additional fields from user profile in Moodle.

Third block shows activity of current learner by every day of the month on calendar.

Fourth block shows the time that learner spent on site, on courses and on activities.

On the right side of this page you can see learner's courses completion, the number of enrolled courses, total time that learner spent on site, total number of visits on site, learner's average grade for all courses and learner's average grade for activities.

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