Home Widgets Overview

The Home Screen displays the following:

  • LMS Overview (Home Snapshots)
  • Latest Activity
  • Settings (for these snapshots) 

LMS Overview (Home Snapshots)


  1. This snapshot shows the number of sessions, course completions and user enrollments for today and for this week. Filter your graph by day, week or month. 
  2. You can see the total number of users, courses, modules and categories in the connected LMS. 

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Home Widgets


User Overview provides an overview of the learners in the connected LMS site.  Information includes learner progress (as noted by course completions), average score, visits, time spent and registration date.  The green and red arrows represent an IntelliBoard algorithm suggesting activity is either above average (green) or below average (red).

Home_Enrollments.png Enrollments provides an overview of how users were enrolled in the courses in the LMS system (i.e. manual, self, cohort) by percentage.

Registrations shows the number of registered users to connected LMS in selected countries on the map.

Note: You may review the listing of country codes here.

Home_Participation.png Participation shows the number of enrolled users on the course and the number of users who have completed the course. Note: Course completions must be enabled for this to register.


Latest Activity 


Latest Activity includes the following: 

  1. Brief description of latest activities by users in the connected LMS system
  2. A list of users currently online
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  1. LMS Overview Settings allows you to disable/enable the snapshots on your home page. 
  2. Latest Activity Settings allows you to disable/enable the type of information posted to the "Latest Activity" tab.
  3. Ask for help anytime!  

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