Installing the IntelliBoard PowerSchool plugin to your Moodle site

Navigate to the Administration menu => Site administration => Plugins => Install plugins.

After the plugin is installed, navigate to Site administration to configure the plugin:

Administration => Site administration => Plugins => Local plugins => PowerSchool.

Under Setting subscription for plugin, enter the User key and Secret key. These are the required authentication codes for system synchronization.

Under Required settings for plugin, enter the PowerSchool site url, Client ID, Client Secret, and School Number.

When entering the PowerSchool url, follow the example in the picture above; eliminate the “/” at the end of the link.

The Client ID and Client Secret keys are available in the Data Configuration of the plugin, “IntelliBoard sync Moodle setup” in the PowerSchool system, which is pictured below.

Within PowerSchool, navigate to Data Configuration for IntelliBoard sync Moodle (Start Page > System Administrator > System Settings > Plugin Management Dashboard > Intelliboard sync Moodle Setup > Data Configuration for Intelliboard sync Moodle).

The Client ID and Client Secret can be copied from this location.

To identify the PowerSchool School Number, navigate in the PowerSchool system to Start Page > District Setup > Schools/School Info. Click on School.

Select “District Office” from the dropdown list.

After selecting “District Office,” navigate to Start Page > District Setup > Schools/School Info. The Schools/School Info page lists the School Number.

For each Moodle site/instance, you can add one School.

In Settings for sync users, enter the temporary password for new users from PowerSchool, and enable/disable.

After configuring Sync PowerSchool System with your Moodle site, you can use Manual Sync in Administration:
Administration => Site administration => PowerSchool => Manual Sync.

This page enables you to select which student and/or staff fields to sync (shown below).

Which Staffs fields to sync:

This page also allows you to select User roles.

PowerSchool and Moodle will not be synchronized without the HTTPS changes; administrators will only be able to manually force the sync.

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