Syncing Users From PowerSchool To Moodle

Enrolled users are managed in PowerSchool, and then transferred to Moodle.

Only users who have access to PowerSchool are transferred (not all users are synced from PowerSchool to Moodle). Access is defined on the Start Page => Student Selection => Access Accounts.

When users are synced with Moodle, they will login with Student Username from the Access Accounts page.

Students will have temporary passwords from the Moodle site via
Administration => Site administration => Plugins => Local plugins => PowerSchool => Settings for sync users.

When students enter the site the first time, they are prompted to change their temp password. If the password is not changed the first time, they will be unable to login on subsequent returns.

When students sync, the category PowerSchool with fields is created in Moodle via
Administration => Site administration => Users => Accounts => User profile fields.

Fields are created dynamically. For example, if a PowerSchool user has the field, “address,” the field “address,” will be transferred to the Moodle site. After the users sync is completed, the courses sync starts.

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