Transfer activities from Moodle to PowerSchool

Activity that was created in Moodle is transferred to PowerSchool.
But it will not be automatically synchronize with PowerSchool. You can choose which activity include to synchronization in Moodle Administration => Course administration => PowerSchool => Assignment sync.

After you include activity to sync, it will appear in PowerSchool. Grades of activity and all changes also will be transfered to PowerSchool.

If you turn off activity from sync. It will stay in PowerSchool but grades and other changes will not be transferred back to Moodle.

When user receives a grade in Moodle it is transferred to PowerSchool too. But if the grade was edited in PowerSchool, it will not be transferred back to Moodle.

When activities are created in PowerSchool it is transferred to Moodle too.

When activities are created in Moodle, it is installed in one of the categories by default (Categories of activities on the picture below).

How to create activity in PowerSchool, that it can transfer to Moodle?

First you need to correctly create a category.

Abbreviation in the category should be the same as the name of activity that you will create in PowerSchool.

For Example, your activity is "Forum". So "Abbreviation" must be "Forum" too. Like at the picture above. And all activities in this category must be "Forum".

It can be Forum or Assignment or Quiz or Chat and other. Any of activities from the picture below.

After you created category, you can create activity.

The name of activity and abbreviation should be the same as the abbreviation in the category.

After you will correctly create category and activity, the data will transfer to the Moodle only after Cron will be done.

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