How to set up SSO to authenticate into IntelliBoard

I want to leverage SSO to authenticate into IntelliBoard.

Leveraging industry standards, IntelliBoard allows single sign on options to authenticate into IntelliBoard.  Choose OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 to autheticate from our login page.  Either protocol must be first established by your organization.

IntelliBoard's LTI tool has a SSO link from the LTI into IntelliBoard natively.  This page is to set up SSO to log-on to IntelliBoard directly from


The Primary Account Holder for IntelliBoard must set up Single Sign On at the organizational level.  If you are an IB User, please contact your Primary Account Holder. 


Direct Link:

From your Avatar in the top right corner:

  • Click Manage Your IntelliBoard Account
  • Click the SSO Tab 

Note: If you do not have Organization Settings or SSO Settings, your account has been established as an IntelliBoard User account.  Please request the Primary Account Holder complete these steps.

SSO Options

IntelliBoard provides two SSO protocols; one or both may be implemented: 
- OpenID Connect

- SAML 2.0

Each option requires different configuration as required by the established protocol. 

OpenID Connect
For more information on OpenID, please visit:

SAML 2.0
For more information on SAML, please visit: 


For additional assistance, please email

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