Release Notes - January, 18 2024


Happy new year from IntelliBoard! We look forward to continuing to work with you!

New Option on Connection Filter Settings
Find a new option under the Filter Settings tab when editing your Connection that allows you to automatically add any new categories, terms, or SubAccounts (variable by LMS connection) to your IntelliBoard data.  Clicking on ”Include all new Categories in filters” as noted below will allow IntelliBoard to automatically bring new data.  For example, if you add a Spring 2024 term and this feature is selected, IntelliBoard will know to automatically make all new courses in your Spring 2024 term available. 

Nodes/ Org Units for Blackboard Data

Org Units table has been made available in Visual Builder. Expand your reporting by bringing in organizational data, categorize your courses according to it, utilize advanced filtering as well.


PDF Export

Find PDF export option that is now available for tabular reports (regular tables and mulilevel tables)

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