Release Notes - February, 6 2024

Release 20240206


Bar Charts Enhancements

Default sort option is now available for bar charts when using “separator”. Define order and data appearance that fits your needs best by choosing data point to sort data horizontally in  bar charts.

E.g. Sort Modules within courses for a user in the order they appear in courses


Visual Builder Enhancements

First and Last name are now separated in Users Category in builder. Provides more flexibility in tabular reports when sorting by Last Name is needed.


New functions for Formula Builder. Greatest and Least functions are now available in Formula Builder. It allows easily define Latest or Earliest student engagement event from the range of values.

e.g. Use Least function to define what happened earlier: Quiz Attempts. Assignment Submission or Forum post


Data Extensions

“Moodle Groups” support for Moodle based LMS has been improved. IntelliBoard now support activity restrict based on user group. Need to Complete Activities in Enrollment Category in visual builder is not calculated based of  not only user enrollment but also group membership and restrict access options.
e.g. if group restrict is used in a course for specific activities and specific users can access only certain activities in a course based on a group they belong to this I  now considered in “”Need to Compete Activities” data field in Enrollment Category and will show number of activities adjusted by the restrict access rules

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