Org Role: How to Set Builder Permissions Options

To allow end users flexibility and power within IntelliBoard's Visual Builder, the Primary Account holder (and others' granted the necessary permission) creates IntelliBoard Users (IB Users) who each have an Organizational Role.   An Organizational Role is a template of datasets and permissions, which can be granted to several IB Users. 

Builder Permission Options

As an IntelliBoard User, you can work with datasets and dashboards in three different ways.  This is controlled by the Builder Permissions component of the Org Role.  By default, the Primary Account Holder has full Builder Permissions. 

The three options are: 
1) No Builder (View Only) 
2) Simple Builder (Format Only) 
3) Full Builder (Create, Edit and Build) 

By default, a new Org Role has "No Builder" selected and this may be modified and saved. 

Option 1:  No Builder (View Only) 
With No Builder, IB Users cannot edit/modify datasets or dashboards.   Simply put, they can VIEW datasets and dashboards.  We typically see this option selected for our end users: Instructors, Advisors, Learners.  They are taking action on the data, but are not responsible and should not edit datasets.

Notice there is no "Edit" or "Clone" button in the top right corner. 

Option 2: Simple Builder (Format Only)
With Simple Builder (Format Only), IB Users cannot add or remove columns, formulas, filters, or  calculations.  They only have access to the Format option.  They can change column names, re-order columns, change styles, but they cannot fundamentally change the data available or manipulate the data.  Datasets within Dashboards may be re-ordered, but  we typically see this option selected for users who want to improve the design, style, and make aesthetic changes. 

Notice there is only the Format tab, but users can edit and clone datasets.

Option 3: Full Builder (Create, Edit and Build) 

With the Full Builder option, IB Users have full access to edit, manipulate and format datasets and Dashboards.

Notice there are Layout, Filter, Format, and Calculation tabs, and users can edit and clone datasets.

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