Creating your IntelliBoard 5.X Account

Create your account right now!

Click HERE to watch the video with creating IntelliBoard Account. Click HERE for watching all implementation process from creating an account to connection your Moodle system.

If you don`t have an IntelliBoard account, you can create it in by the next way:

Step 1: Click "SIGN IN / SIGN UP" button in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Press "Get Started!" (see image below).

After entering you'll need to read through Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy and Privacy Shield Policy and check the box in the bottom for each one.

Note: You may use only alphabetical characters for the name process.

Verifying your account

After signing up for an account with IntelliBoard, you must verify your account via email. Please check your email account and click the link provided in the email from IntelliBoard.  

This will bring you directly to your IntelliBoard account. From your new IntelliBoard account, click "Settings" to add a Moodle Connection (click HERE for the support page on creating a Moodle Connection).


Congratulations! Your account has been created! Now get your Plugin installed and connect IntelliBoard to your Moodle. For more details click here.

For additional assistance, please email

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