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Please find the Report Overview below.


1. Dashboard

The side menu on the left is your IntelliBoard launch pad.  By clicking "Reports", you'll bring up the report categories (i.e. Learner, Course, Activity, Instructor, etc.). By clicking the report categories, you'll bring up the report names in alphabetical order. 

2. Choose Your LMS Instance 

If you have multiple LMS Connections associated with your account, please select which LMS site(s) to review within the report. Click HERE for more.

3. Report Name

You may edit the report name creating an alternative name. Click HERE for more.

4. Searching, Using Filters, and Setting Dates Overview 

Save time and narrow the search parameters for your data sets. Click HERE for more

5. Learner Overview Page

Don't miss out on valuable information on your Learners. Click HERE for more.

6. Course Overview Page

Don't miss out on valuable information on your Courses. Click HERE for more.

7. Back

Click on this button to return to the previous page that you viewed.

8. Processing Time

Know in advance how much time it will take until your report is loaded!

9. Personalizing Your Report and Adding Custom User Profile Fields

Personalize your report by renaming it, adding or deleting columns and fields, modifying the search columns, and/or choosing to make the report visiible in Moodle. Click HERE for more.

10. Exporting and Printing Your Report

Your data is too valuable not to share.  Click HERE for more.

11. Emailing, Scheduling, Bookmarking, and Sharing Your Report

Efficiency is the best. Click HERE for more.

12. Questions?

Find the blue chat box inside the report or at our website or click HERE for more. 

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