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When a users' name displays as a blue link in a report, clicking the report will return the Learner Overview page.  The Learner Overview Page creates a high level picture of the user's progress across all courses in the LMS system. Download the full page as a PDF file by clicking the export button in the top right corner.




1- User Profile Information

All profile information is being populated by data entered in the user's LMS profile.

2- User's Creation Date 

The date when the user was initially created in the Moodle system.

3- User's Last Log In

The date when the user was last logged into the Moodle system. 

4- User's Learning Progress

Completed Courses vs. Enrolled Courses; Merrigan has completed 12 of her 26 enrolled courses.  Course Completion is defined by the Course Completion standards which are enabled, set and then met in the LMS system. 

5- User's Custom User Profile Fields 

The Custom User Profile fields (also known as optional profile fields) are configured and managed in the LMS system.  All Custom User Profile fields in the LMS system will display in the Learner Overview Page; the User's specific profile fields will be reflected when listed.  Merrigan's Company is Apple, but her Birth Year and Major (Academic Program) are not defined in the LMS system.




1- Hour Break Down

This row shows the amount of time in hours the user has spent on the LMS site, within courses, and on activities. 

2- Time Spent Heat Map

The heat map displays the weeks/days per month with the user's visits (mouse clicks) within the system. Hover over the day to see the number of visits at that day. Select the year to appear on the map. The bottom bar represents the possible color options of the map parts depending on the visits as a percentage of the total.




1- Course & Activity Completion Arrows

Use the arrows to scroll through courses

2- Courses with Activity Completion Percentages

The user's enrolled courses are displayed across the bottom; the percentage of completed activities is reflected in the bar graph.  Activity completion is enabled, set and met within the LMS system. 

3- Completed Courses / Enrolled Courses 

Enrolled courses displays the number of completed courses compared to the enrolled courses.  (Ex/ 2 completed courses / 10 enrolled courses)  Course completion is enabled, set and met within the LMS system. 




1- Total Time on Site

User's Total Time on LMS site (all courses, all activities) reflected in HH:MM:SS (hours:minutes:seconds)

2- Total Visits on Site 

User's total mouse clicks in the LMS site (all courses, all activities) 

3- Average Grade for All Courses

User's total average grade from the gradebook in all his/her enrolled courses 

4- Average Grade for All Activities

User's average grade from the gradebook in all his/her enrolled courses broken down by activity type.  

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