Course Overview

Course Overview 







If the Course Name on the report is a blue hyperlink, click the link to pull up the Course Overview Window, pictured below.







Course Overview Window

The Course Overview Window consists of 6 blocks.

First block shows the date when course was created, category folder and completion status.

Second block shows the number of learners, the number of learners that completed this course, the number of graduated learners and the number of teachers.

Third block shows activity in course by day of month on a yearly calendar designed with gradient shades to depict level of activity in course.

Fourth block shows total time, time that was spent on course and activities.

Fifth block shows the number of modules, format of sections and the number of sections on course.

Sixth block on the right shows course instructors, number of learners that completed this course, average grade for this course, total time spent on course, total visits and the number of activities / resources.


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