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When a course name displays as a blue link in a report, clicking the report will return the Course Overview page. The Course Overview Page creates a high level picture of the course within the LMS system. Download the full page as a PDF file by clicking the export button in the top right corner.





1- Course Creation Date

Date when the course was created in Moodle. 

NOTE: If you are copying a course to use as a template, the creation date will reflect the date the template was created, not the date when the course was restored. 

2- Course Category 

The Course Category inside the LMS system.

3-  Course Completion Status 

If Course Completion is enabled inside the LMS system, it will show here.  Course Completion is enabled and set inside the LMS system.

4 - Course Data

# of Users with a [Student] Role inside the course (the [Student] Roles may be set inside IntelliBoard at Settings + Options > Servers > [Connection]); Completed shows how many students have completed the specific course related to Course Completion settings, # of Learners with Grades shows how many learners inside the course have grades; Instructors is the number of people with [Teacher] Roles. 




1- Time Spent Heat Map

The heat map displays the weeks/days per month with the learner's visits (mouse clicks) within the course. Select the year to appear on the map. The bottom bar represents the possible color options of the map parts depending on the visits as a percentage of the total.

2- Hour Break Down

This row shows the amount of time in hours the user has spent on the total course, within courses level, and within course activities. 




  • Modules (or Activities) shows the total number of Modules (or Activities) in the LMS course. 
  • The Format displays how the course is formatted (in this example, the course uses the Topics method). 
  • The Sections shows how many sections are in the LMS course (in this example, the course has 5 sections).



Course Instructors shows those who have a [Teacher Role] in the course. 




1- Learners Who Have Completed This Course

Number of Learners who have completed the course based of Course Completion settings

2- Average Grade for All Learners

Learner's total average grade from the gradebook in his specific LMS course.

3- Total Time on Site

The users' total amount of time in the course, reflected in HH:MM:SS (hours:minutes:seconds)

4- Total Visits on Site 

The users' total mouse clicks in the course 

5- Number of Modules/Activities

Displays the number of modules/activities per type

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