Adding the IntelliBoard Building Block and Creating Connection

Before you get started... 

  • Make sure you have the .WAR File/Building Block from IntelliBoard.  You may download it HERE by clicking "DOWNLOAD" under IntelliBoard for Blackboard Learn category.
  • Create a ticket with Blackboard using Behind the Blackboard requesting to install the Building Block.
  • Schedule with Blackboard the date to perform a Rolling Restart (This process will apply the changes on the Application server)

Connecting your BbLearn site to IntelliBoard is as easy as 1...2...3!

1. Install the Building Block

2. Copy the URL and Token

3. Connect to IntelliBoard 


Install the Building Block

Logged in as the BlackBoard Administrator, Select Admin from the navigation menu. 


Once inside Administrator Tools, locate the Integrations options. Click Building Blocks 


Click Installed Tools.  Then, Upload Building Blocks 


Browse to find the IntelliBoard .WAR File/Building Block. Click Open and Submit

Note: When updating the WAR File/Building Block, you should remove the previous file and upload the new file.


The IntelliBoard plugin will install once you approve permissions. You should now see the IntelliBoard connection block listed under Installed Tools.  

 Copy the URL and Token

Click on the dropdown arrow by "IntelliBoard connection block" and select Settings


Here you will find the Block URL and Authentication Token.  Copy and save these to connect within IntelliBoard.  Click Submit 


Connect to IntelliBoard!

Log in to 

From the Navigation menu, click Settings. Select Servers


Click Add New and select Blackboard Connection


Provide the LMS Name. Paste Block URL and Auth Token copied from Connection Block Settings inside Blackboard. 


Save Connection

That's it! Design your own Dashboard, ask LISA questions, create Monitor Sets and view Reports!





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