Personalize Reports - Overview

Click on the Personalize Report button at the top of your report.



1) Alternative Name Rename your report if you wish to make the name more specific for your audience.
2) Custom User Profile Fields & Custom Profile Field Filter Choose Custom User Profile Fields to appear in your reports that have specific learner information, or remove from your report if they are already present. Just click the fields on/off as you wish. These will appear at the bottom of the page.

Selecting a Filter will add a Custom User Profile Field filter to the report.
3) Visible in Moodle

Make your report visible in a specific Moodle LMS.  You will be able to select which Dashboard (Admin or Instructor) the report should appear.  Note: A viable connection must be established before reports can be added to Moodle.

Additionally the main subscription email must be in the LMS system under Site Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard > Settings

4) Enable to View Column on Report Add or Remove columns from your report by clicking them On/Off.
5) Enable to Search Column on Report  Choose a report field to make it Searchable from the Search box.
6) Talk with Us Connect with us with additional questions.


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