Connecting IntelliBoard.Net To Moodle

Click HERE to watch the video with Moodle Connection process. Click HERE for watching all implementation process from creating an account to connection your Moodle system.

Before you get started...

IntelliBoard strongly recommends that the individual installing the IntelliBoard plugin and creating the Moodle Connection be the Site Administrator of the LMS System.  The LMS System user connecting IntelliBoard to Moodle must have the ability to enable web services, change web protocols, and create Moodle tokens.

IntelliBoard is a web-based service. If your LMS is behind a firewall, a port will need to be configured for IntelliBoard services to connect successfully. Contact us for necessary IP addresses.

Step 1: Create Moodle Connection

  • After logging on to IntelliBoard with the main subscription email, click Settings
  • From Settings, click Servers
  • From Servers, click + Add New and choose Moodle Connection

Step 2: Adding Moodle site to

  • Add your LMS Name (For identification purposes only)
  • Add your URL (Must be accessible from the internet; please be careful with https:// or http://, site dependent)
  • Add your Token (Copy and paste from your Moodle; you can find it here: Dashboard > Site Administration > Plugins > Web Services > Manage Tokens)
  • Choose Protocol (Must match what is enabled in Moodle)
  • Choose Size Mode
  • Choose Hosting providers

Note: If everything is good, you'll see 2 green check marks near your URL and Token and your Connection Status (in the top right corner) will get green smiley.

  • Open Advanced Settings tab and switch on Active Connection
  • When connection is successful, click Save Connection

Step 3: Finish Installation 

The blue dot denotes that your Moodle site is connected to IntelliBoard. Explore your data through your dashboard at

Still Getting Connection issues? Please click here for detailed information for possible solutions or see information about support team below.

For additional assistance, please email

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