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Big Blue Button details are strictly from Big Blue Button activity. We are not applying our time tracking or making any changes.

Big Blue Button sessions must be completed through the Moodle Big Blue Button plugin and must be completed after the connection between IntelliBoard and the Big Blue Button plugin is established as we cannot report on historical sessions.

BBB Reports display learners' participation in the BBB (Big Blue Button) activities. You may filter data by course. You can find the full listing of BBB Reports with a brief description below. 

  • BBB: Attendance Overview: The BBB: Attendance Overview report displays the Big Blue Button session. Additional information about specific users will be displayed when clicking “Details”.


  • Search for data in your report instantly. Confirm columns are included in the search under 'Personalize Report'.
  • Filter your data and/or dates!  Most reports include several filters (to the right of the search box) and a time filter. 
  • If the user's name is hyperlinked, clicking will return the Learner Overview Page.
  • If the course name is hyperlinked, clicking will return the Course Overview Page.
  • Personalize the columns in your report and add custom user profile fields. 
  • Export your data in an XLS, CSV, or PDF.
  • Share your data via email, scheduled report, or API key.  You can also bookmark your report.
  • More questions? Use the chat box inside the report or click HERE.
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