Connecting IntelliBoard to Canvas

Here what you should know about Canvas. Before you get started:

Canvas Data is a flatfile download of historical data within the Canvas databases; how often it is updated is determined by the client-Canvas agreement.

IntelliBoard's connection to Canvas is dependent on an overarching connection between Canvas and IntelliBoard utilizing Canvas' API and a secondary connection to Canvas Data.  Once connected, Canvas Data is stored on a local IntelliBoard server to allow for faster processing speeds.  In addition, per Canvas protocol, Canvas Data must be queried at least once every two weeks to remain connected. 


Step 1: Creating an IntelliBoard account

Create an account at

Note: you may use a full guide HERE.

Step 2: Creating Canvas Connection

Settings + Options > Servers > + Add New > Canvas Connection

  • Log in to IntelliBoard
  • Click Settings + Options > Servers > + Add New > Canvas Connection
  • Name your LMS and add your Canvas URL

  • Keep this tab open

Step 3: Working from the Canvas side

Admin > Developer Keys > + Developer Key

  • In another tab, log in to your Canvas LMS with admin credentials
  • Go to the Admin > Developer Keys > + Developer Key
  • Return to IntelliBoard, on the “Add Connection” screen find and copy the Redirect URIs

  • In your Canvas LMS, use the Redirect URIs to create New Developer KeyName the Key and paste the URIs into the Redirect URIs field. Save Key

  • Find the newly created Key in the list and turn ON


  • Copy the Client ID listed under Details and Client Secret Key

Note: the Secret Key is hidden by default, click Show Key to access it.

Step 4: Completing the creation of the Canvas Connection

  • Back to the IntelliBoard tab, paste the Client ID and Client Secret KeySave your Connection

  • At the top right corner click Force Clear Cache, it will take up to minute to be executed

  • You will be prompted to authorize IntelliBoard in your Canvas LMS, click Authorize


Step 5: Finalize Connection with Canvas Data 

  • Return to Canvas, and click Admin and then click Canvas Data Portal


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create Credentials


  • Credentials will appear; note them and return to IntelliBoard > Settings + Options > Servers
  • Add API Key and API Secret to the existing IntelliBoard Canvas connection


  • Click Save



You are now connected and ready to see YOUR Canvas LMS data. For additional 


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