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IntelliBoard's Report Builder, know as Max, allows you, the IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber), to build reports on your own, on the fly, answering questions to all your LMS questions.

Before you get started... 

  • The Report Builder functionality begins with a Level 7 IntelliBoard subscription; please review access and number of accounts here.
  • The Report Builder functionality feature is only available for Main Subscribers; SubAccount/IB users do not have the ability to use the Report Builder for permission and protection of the LMS server. 
  • The Report Builder is comprised of two options: 1) Build by SQL or 2) Build Visually

Additional Details on the Build by SQL can be found here.

Step 1: Build Visually 

  • After logging on to IntelliBoard with the main subscription email, click Build with Max. 
  • In the top right corner, click Create a report.

Step 2: Write Your Report

1: Report - NameName your report!

2: Status - Select "Active" or "Inactive" which makes the report listed in the IntelliBoard Report Listing.  Active Reports will be found under Reports > Extras > Build with Max.

3: Filter by Users' Course Role - Select "All", "Learners" or "Instructors" to filter you report by the role users have in course(s)

4: Preview data - View your future report how it will display your data. You can open it to full screen by clicking the corresponding button in the top right corner of this window.

NOTE: Cells will be filled with random data during creation; it will load data from your LMS system after saving. We use our data to not query your system when you are building.

5: Visualization - Select table or chart type to your display data.

6: Columns - Rename columns (click a pencil near the column name) and change their places (drag and drop a column name), as desired.Use the “Lock” to click on (freeze) and click off (unfreeze columns).Click on magnifier to add the ability to search by this column.

NOTE: Name will be changed only in the report columns. The Fields, from where you select the columns for your report, will remain the authentic name.

7: Filters - Use the toggle bar to enable (blue) or disable (grey) filtering of needed marker. Click HERE to learn more about filtering.

8: Display Settings - Choose how your report will be displayed. Find more information below.

9: Fields - Add fields to your report by clicking the check-boxes in the desired field names. You can open it to full screen by clicking the corresponding button in the top right corner of this window. Find more information below.

10: Save - Save your report!



Choose "Single table or chart" or "Table + Chart" from the drop-down list. You may compare table and chart presentation or select the one of them to personalize your report.

NOTE: The example below displays the second option of this settings.



NOTE: Some fields are activated when the required fields were selected earlier. I.e., the User Course Grade in the User/Course Aggregation category will become active if the User Last Name in the Users category and Course Long Name in the Courses category are already active.

1: Full Screen BUTTON - Click the button to expand the fields window.

2: Search - Search by typing into the Search box to find the needed field name.  

3: Users - The category contains fields related to user profile data and user's interaction with the LMS system.

4: Courses - The category contains fields related to the total course data.

5: Activities - The category contains fields related to the total activity data.

6: User/Course Aggregation - The category contains fields related to user's activity and success in the course.

7: Field Name - Click check-mark to add the field to the report.

8: User/Activity Aggregation - The category contains fields related to user's activity and success in activities in the associated course. 


Step 3: Run Your Report!

Navigate to Reports > Extras > Built with Max and find and run your report! 

Reports can be edited at any time through the Max Builder by clicking Personalize Report > Edit.  

Step 4: Work With Your Report!

Export and/or Share your data as well as any report!

NOTE: "Personalize Report" will bring you back to Max Builder.

For additional assistance, please email

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