Quick Videos: IntelliBoard Minutes - Moodle LMS

IntelliBoard Minutes are short videos up to 1 minute showing features, tips, and tricks for using our product, and are emailed monthly around the 12th.

Spend 60 seconds with us to learn how to...

  • Export and Print a Report (from the 07/18/2019)

  • Share a Report - Email and API key (from the 06/18/2019)

  • Search and Filter a Report (from the 06/06/2019)

  • Monitor Student Grade Progression (from the 05/22/2019)

  • Select a Custom Date Range (from the 05/07/2019)



  • Filter a Report with a Custom User Profile Field (from the 04/17/2019)

  • Log In As a SubAccount/IB user (from the 04/02/2019)

  • Turn the Instructor Dashboard On and Add Reports (from the 03/18/2019)

  • Personalize and Reset a Report (from the 02/18/2019)

  • Schedule a Report (from the 02/18/2019)

  • Add the Report Monitor to a Monitor Set (from the 02/06/2019)


  • Turn On Time Tracking and SSO (from the 01/18/2019)

  • Add Row Numbers to a Report (from the 01/2/2019)

  • Set your Date and Time Zone preferences (from the 12/4/2018)

  • Bookmark a Report or LISA Query (from the 11/6/2018)

  • Freeze Report Columns (from the 10/5/2018)

  • Personalize your Dashboard with a Monitor Set (from the 9/5/2018)

IntelliBoard Minute Overview

Please find the IntelliBoard Minute overview below.

1. Video Link

The link to a video. By clicking you will be redirected to the training video page.

2. Upcoming Webinars

Links to register for the upcoming webinars.

3. Unsubscribe Button

By clicking you can unsubscribe from the monthly mailing.

4. Report Spam Button

By clicking you send a notice that we're sending junk email.




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