CEND - Scheduled Reports



Click HERE to watch the video about how to schedule a report.


Boxed Items Based off the report's filters, the initial steps of building a scheduled report will change.   Each step will need to be successfully completed and then the next step will automatically populate.  

NOTE: To send the scheduled report to multiple people, please use a space or a comma.  Use "Enter" to move on to the next step.
1 - Report Date Filter Use the box to toggle on/off the Date Filter.  The Report Date Filter here correlates to the Date Filter inside the Report.  To choose "All Time" simply leave the Date Filter disabled.  To choose a specific time period, select the number value and the time value from the drop downs.
2 - Subject Edit Subject line, if necessary
3 - Status Status relates to whether or not the Schedule Report is active (sending the report) or inactive (not sending the report).
4 - Expiration Date  Set the expriation date; leaving blank will run the report continuously.  For example, you may want set the expiration date to correlate with a holiday break, the end of Fall Semester, or the end of Q4. 
5- Attachment Select Attachment type: XLS, CSV, or PDF
6- Frequency Select how often you'd like the email to be sent
7- Message Create and format the Message which will appear as the email body
8- SAVE Save Scheduled Report (or Cancel)


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