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Short for Conditional Event Notification Dashboard, CEND is your place to manage both scheduled reports and conditional events. Conditional events? Think of them as "If/thens"... IF user hasn't logged in X days, then send THIS email. Powered inside IntelliBoard.net, CEND seeks to systemize data sharing.  


Before you get started... 

  • Scheduling Reports is available at all levels.
  • Conditional Event Notifications (If/Then Emails) begins with a Level 5 IntelliBoard subscription; please review features and subscription plans here. 
  • CEND (both scheduled reports and conditional events) are utilized inside IntelliBoard.net; accessible from the Navigation columns.
  • SubAccount/IB user may schedule reports, but only the Main Subscriber (IntelliBoard Admin) may schedule conditional events.



What's the difference between a scheduled report and a conditional event?

A scheduled report is simply data sent via email, in the form of an attachment - CSV, XLS, or PDF, based off the criteria selected in the report. 

A conditional event is more prescribed: If THIS happens, then send THIS email. 

Scheduled reports and conditional events can be sent to multiple people. 

How do I schedule a report?

Schedule any report from within the specific report. Click here for more.

How do I set up a conditional event? 

With a Level 5+ subscription, you'll be able to set up conditional events from the CEND Notification Center found in the Navigation bar. 

Are there limits to how many notifications/scheduled reports I can set up? 

No limits! Go wild! Systemize data sharing! 

Who are the notifications sent from? 

All Notifications will come from IntelliBoard <support@intelliboard.net>.  Please add this email to your allowed email addresses to ensure delivery.

For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net

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