Time Tracking

Reports don't show time spent and/or visits? Enable Time Tracking right now!

Once Time Tracking is enabled, IntelliBoard uses a java script file to ping the user every 30 seconds (frequency). We wait for 60 seconds for proof of engagement (inactivity). Proof of engagement can be a mouse click, mouse movement, or key stroke.

Note: Frequency and Inactivity time can be changed as desired.


Site Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard > Settings 

  • From Site Administration, click Plugins
  • From Plugins, click Local Plugins
  • From Local Plugins, click IntelliBoard
  • From IntelliBoard, click Settings
  • From Settings, find Time Tracking section
  • Enable time tracking
  • Click Save changes in the bottom of the page

Note: IntelliBoard will start tracking from the moment it is turned on.

Watch our IntelliBoard Minute about turning on time tracking and SSO link below. Click HERE to watch all IntelliBoard Minutes.



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