Time Tracking

Reports don't show time spent and/or visits? Enable Time Tracking right now!

Once Time Tracking is enabled, IntelliBoard uses a java script file to ping the user every 30 seconds (frequency). We wait for 60 seconds for proof of engagement (inactivity). Proof of engagement can be a mouse click, mouse movement, or key stroke.

Note: Frequency and Inactivity time can be changed as desired.


Site Administration > Plugins > Local Plugins > IntelliBoard > Settings 

  • From Site Administration, click Plugins
  • From Plugins, click Local Plugins
  • From Local Plugins, click IntelliBoard
  • From IntelliBoard, click Settings
  • From Settings, find Time Tracking section
  • Enable time tracking
  • Click Save changes in the bottom of the page

Note: IntelliBoard will start tracking from the moment it is turned on.


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