Seeing IntelliBoard Inside Canvas (LTI Connection)

Interested in seeing IntelliBoard inside Canvas? Not a problem, create an LTI connection. 

Before you get started... 

  • Prior to creating an LTI connection, you must have an IntelliBoard subscription.  Sign up for IntelliBoard here, or work with your Canvas partner. 
  • Prior to creating an LTI connection, you must create a successful connection between your IntelliBoard subscription and your Canvas system.  Additional information on the connection can be found here

Steps to Create LTI

1) Ensure Canvas and IntelliBoard Connection 

  • From your IntelliBoard account, ensure you have a successful connection with your Canvas system.  Additional details about creating the connection can be found here. 
  • From IntelliBoard,  click  Settings + Options, then Servers.  Choose the Server you wish to edit by clicking on the Name of the server or the edit sproket. 
  • Return to your Canvas LMS.

3) Create LTI Connection inside Canvas 

  • Log on as a Canvas Administrator
  • From the your main page, click Admin and then select the preferred Admin Account
  • From the perferred Admin Account, click Settings
  • From Settings, click on the Apps tabs
  • From Apps, click View App Configurations
  • From View App Configurations, click Add



  • From Add App, complete the following details: 

Configuration Type: Change drop down to By URL 

 LTI_3.png Name: Choose any name for your LTI 

The three following items are found inside IntelliBoard:

Return to IntelliBoard > Settings + Options > Servers > Edit Server 

Copy and Paste Consumer Key (Consumer Key inside IntelliBoard)


Copy and Paste Shared Secret (Consumer Secret inside IntelliBoard)

Copy and Paste Config URL (URL Inside IntelliBoard)

See additional screenshot below.

Consumer Key (Consumer Key), Shared Secret (Consumer Secret), and Config URL (URL)

Return to IntelliBoard > Settings + Options > Servers > Edit Server > Find Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and Config URL. 


  • After the necessary information is added, click Submit
  • IntelliBoard will be listed as an External App.



  • To see completed LTI, click IntelliBoard Reports & Analytics from the main Navigation Bar.  IntelliBoard inside Canvas appears below! 


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