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Meet LISA 2.0 [beta]! Short for, Learning Intelligence Search Automation, LISA is your A.I. natural language search tool for your LMS data.  Powered inside, LISA returns your search queries. 


Before you get started... 

  • LISA functionality begins with a Level 5 IntelliBoard subscription; please review features and subscription plans here.
  • LISA is utilized inside; accessible from the bottom right corner or your Navigation column.
  • LISA will suggest reports based on your query. See suggested reports at the bottom of your results.
  • SubAccount/IB users' access is determined by the IntelliBoard Admin (main subscriber). IntelliBoard Admins may manage LISA access through Permit in either the Organizational Role or SubAccount/IB user under Advanced Settings.

An automated, step-by-step guide can be found inside Click "Self Help" (orange button) from your Homepage and then click "Searching with LISA [LISA]".

Personalizing LISA Results 

Clicking Personalize LISA Results opens a new window were you can add additional data columns and add filters.



Column availability under "Personalize LISA Results" are determined by your initial query. For example, queries related to learner information will include additional user information; queries related to courses will likely not have user information, but would have course information.

Use the box to the left of the data header to click on/off data sets.  Click "Save" to add the columns to your LISA results.




Filter availability under "Personalize LISA Results" are determined by your initial query.  Additionally, filters are set under "Personalize LISA Results" and are automatically applied to the results.  (You do not "add the filter" to then set the filter after you save; when you save, the filter is applied to the results and the filtered results are displayed.)



You can Email, Bookmark or Schedule from within Personalize Report.  You may also complete these actions from the results page.  For more details please click here.


For additional assistance, please email

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