Ask LISA: Exporting, Sharing, and Bookmarking

Meet LISA!  Short for Learning Intelligence Search Automation, LISA is your A.I. natural language search tool for your LMS data.  Powered inside, LISA returns your search queries as a data table and suggests existing reports. 

Before you get started... 

  • LISA functionality begins with a Level 5 IntelliBoard subscription; please review features and subscription plans here. 
  • LISA is utilized inside; accessible from the top right corner or your Navigation column.
  • LISA will suggest reports based of your query. See suggested reports at the bottom of your results.


Clicking Personalize LISA Results opens a new window where you can export and download your LISA results in an Excel, PDF or CSV file. 




Clicking Personalize LISA Results opens a new window were you can email the results.

Step 1  Add the recipient's email
Step 2  Edit Subject line, if necessary
Step 3  Select Attachment type: XLS, CSV, or PDF
Step 4  Create and format the Message which will appear as the email body
Step 5  Send Email (or Cancel or go back to the repot from the top right hand corner)



Clicking "Bookmark" will allow you to edit the name of the report.  Clicking "Save" will add the report to "Bookmark(s)" in IntelliBoard's Navigation Bar. 



For additional assistance, please email or click HERE

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