Ask LISA: A Summary & FAQs

Meet LISA!  Short for Learning Intelligence Search Automation, LISA is your A.I. natural language search tool for your LMS data.  Powered inside, LISA returns your search queries and suggests existing reports. 

Before you get started... 

  • LISA functionality begins with a Level 5 IntelliBoard subscription; please review features and subscription plans here. 
  • LISA is utilized inside; accessible from the top right corner or your Navigation column.
  • LISA will suggest reports based of your query. See suggested reports at the bottom of your results.

Who is LISA?

She's your built in LMS data assistant! As IntelliBoard's Learning Intelligence Search Automation feature, she's always learning; the more people utilize LISA, the more powerful she becomes.  Accessible inside, LISA returns your search queries with data from your LMS and suggests existing reports. 

How can I access LISA? 

IntelliBoard Admins (with a Level 5+ subscription) will automatically have access to LISA in the top right corner of the platform as well as in the Navigation Bar. 

How do I modify LISA results?

Clicking Personalize LISA Results opens a new window where you can add additional data columns and add filters.  For additional details, click here

How can I save LISA results? 

Clicking Personalize LISA Results opens a new window where you can bookmark LISA results. Your LISA results will be added to your "Bookmark(s)" on the Navigation Bar.  Click here for additional details about exporting and sharing LISA results.

I'm not getting data. Help?  

LISA will continue to learn, but share your feedback by clicking "Please share!" 

Also utilize the following suggestions: 

  1. Please make sure that all words are spelled correctly.
  2. Please try different sentences.
  3. Please try fewer keywords.



For additional assistance, please email or click HERE

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