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To best meet clients needs and feedback, our plugin is updated consistently!  For the best experience, your IntelliBoard plugin will need to be maintained.  A running stream of updates can be found below.

The most up to date plugin can be found on GitHub

Directions to install the plugin maybe found here

IntelliBoard Plugin Version: 2019080204

WHAT'S NEW FROM 8/14/2019

WHAT'S NEW FROM 7/31/2019

  • More options for frequency of scheduled monitors and/or reports! "Montly" option allows you select the day of the month when the monitor/report will be sent. "Biweekly" option will send you a notification every 2 weeks.
  • Back button in reports! By clicking on this button, you will return to the previous page that you viewed.
  • LISA begins to offer reports based on your request! Find them in the bottom of your result.
  • Does your week start on Monday, not Sunday? Tell about it to IntelliBoard, and it will adapt to you! Click HERE for more.
  • Want to freeze columns in Max Report? Use the “Lock” to click on (freeze) and click off (unfreeze columns).

WHAT'S NEW FROM 7/24/2019

  • Want to be sure that an Alternative Name will be applied for your SubAccounts, too? Starting from now if an Admin provides an Alternative Name to a report, that Alternative Name will trickle down to the SubAccount.
  • Monitors reflect two decimal points! Now you can be more confident in your summary data.
  • Permit updation! You can select "All Monitors / No monitors" option to add/remove them for an Organizational Role and/or SubAccount in one time.
  • New Graded Activities Overview monitor for Instructor Dashboard that allows to see the average grades by each course.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 07/10/2019

  • Have you seen that? Settings for Bookmarks were added to the IntelliBoard! Find more information HERE.
  • Now you're able to schedule the report filtered by the Custom User Profile Field (CUPF). If you have the CUPF and want to filter by this paramether, choose it in the drop-down of Boxed Items. If you don't want to apply this filter or don't have CUPF at all, choose "Don't filter by custom user profile field" option.
  • New filters in the Inactive Users in Course(s) report! Now you may filter it by cohort and completion status as well!
  • Quiz Overview and Question Detail report allows to export (as Excel, PDF or CSV) individual question results! Just click the "Show" button in the Question Breakdown table and you'll see the "Export" button in the top right corner of the drop-down.
  • Want to be sure that an Alternative Name will be applied for your SubAccounts, too? Starting from now if an Admin provides an Alternative Name to a report, that Alternative Name will trickle down to the SubAccount.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 06/27/2019

  • Don't want to see some tabs or report columns in the Dashboard? You can customize Instructor and Learner Dashboards now! From your Moodle site go to Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins >, switch on/off needed fields and save changes. For more details click here.
  • Want to know how to change the date, time and/or language settings? HERE you may find a full guide for doing it.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 06/19/2019

  • Now IntelliBoard is compatible with Moodle 3.7! Click HERE to get known how to join to our IntelliBoard community.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 06/11/2019

  • Want to learn more about new LISA 2.0? Click HERE for reading about it's amazing features!

WHAT'S NEW FROM 06/05/2019

  • Speed up the process of loading your data! Enable Subdomain SSO! Click HERE for more.
  • Have you already noticed a blue beacon? Meet new LISA 2.0! Now it includes everyone's favorite feature "Ask LISA", live chat with Client Services Team, "Contact Us" section for leaving messages for us so we can email you, and Support Portal articles so you may learn more about IntelliBoard's awesome fuctions. Please note that LISA 2.0 is in beta testing, and if you you’ve encountered something you want to share with us, use live chat or message box.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 05/11/2019

  • Check which requests to the IntelliBoard are currently being executed!
  • Now you may import multiple SubAccounts from a CSV file! Read more about it HERE.
  • Clicking on the user’s/course name in the Instructor Dashboard will link you to that student’s/course information in the LMS.
  • Want to get periodical report updates? You may schedule your own reports built Visually and/or with SQL!
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