Updates - Canvas LMS


To best meet clients needs and feedback, our plugin is updated consistently!  For the best experience, your IntelliBoard block will need to be maintained.  A running stream of updates can be found below.

You'll use the Developer Keys to connect to Canvas; no additional download required!

Directions to install the plugin maybe found here. 

June 2019

WHAT'S NEW FROM 06/05/2019

  • New LMS filters for more optimal and quick display of your data!
  • Learn more about monitors to become a Monitor Pro.
  • Want to know how you can manipulate your monitors? Click HERE to get known it!
  • Have you already noticed a blue beacon? Meet new LISA 2.0! Now it includes everyone's favorite feature "Ask LISA", live chat with Client Services Team, "Contact Us" section for leaving messages for us so we can email you, and Support Portal articles so you may learn more about IntelliBoard's awesome fuctions. Please note that LISA 2.0 is in beta testing, and if you you’ve encountered something you want to share with us, use live chat or message box.
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