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To best meet clients needs and feedback, our WAR File/Building Block is updated consistently!  For the best experience, your IntelliBoard WAR File/Building Block will need to be maintained.  A running stream of updates can be found below.

NOTE: When the WAR File/Building Block needs to be updated, the existing block must be uninstalled before the new block is installed.

NOTE: IntelliBoard added Feature to WAR File/Building Block to override possible deadlocks which impacts the SAAS updates. Therefore, if you are on a SAAS environment, or you are scheduling block updates, then two scheduled tasks must be created: 1 - uninstall existing version and 2 - install updated version.

The most up to date block can be found on here.  Navigate to Blackboard Learn WAR File/Building Block

Directions to install the plugin maybe found here.

WAR File/Building Block Version:

  • BBL 3400+: 1.3.32 (October 2020)
  • BBL 3300: 1.3.321 (October 2020)

NOTE: Reports and monitor filters are now Cached to store set filters for later use. Cache will be cleared with each processing.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 10/08/2020

  • Want to see your course filter in Alphabetical order? We got you! Now, we have a new course filter option in server settings allowing courses in course filter to display in default or alphabetical order!
  • Share more monitors with your IntelliBoard (IB) Users. Activity Submission Progress (Census Report) is now available for sharing with IB Users/SubAccounts and Organizational Roles 
  • Guess what? Now, you can bookmark you reports multiple time with ALL filters saved!

WHAT'S NEW FROM 09/09/2020

  • Let's call SubAccount as IntelliBoard (IB) Users. The name was changed to generalize it for all our friends with different LMS systems. 🙂
  • Personalize reports right from the LMS system using LTI!
  • Monitors now have descriptions! Hover over the "?" button near the monitor name to read a short description.
  • Further better! Monitors on the Monitor Set personalizing page are fully clickable. We improved drag and drop and now the whole monitor area (not just a monitor name) can be captured.
  • Tired of the export limit of 50,000 records? We got rid of it!
  • Notice for the news of previous month - scheduling via SFTP will send you a file in ZIP format. Unpack that to get a file with required data.
  • Bookmark reports right from bookmark settings (gear button)! You'll find an alphabetized reports list in the top right corner.
  • Edit CEND notifications by clicking on its' name! Starting from now you don't need to click on the edit action (gear button) for the notification - clicking on the name will link you to the editing page.
  • Moreover, triggering CEND notifications will ask you for a confirmation.
  • Interested in what data is Real Time and what is Cached for 24 hours? Read THIS to figure that out!

WHAT'S NEW FROM 08/07/2020

  • Now you can schedule the SFTP sending! When you clicks on Schedule for the specific report, you'll be able to select needed SFTP on the last step.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 07/09/2020

  • New type for Magic Button requests - specific reports can be built by your needs!
  • Have a lot of CEND notifications and want to find the specific one? CEND now has a search box for this! Look for scheduled notification by its' name or recipient email.
    NOTE: Search box is case sensitive, so write notification name or email exactly as it was entered before.
  • Moreover, CEND notifications now can be sorted by any of the columns.
  • Support pages can be translated by built-in Google Translator! Select the language in that one to translate the whole support portal to the best language for you!
    NOTE: Language should be change in the Google Translator switcher (with little "G" in it). Don't change language from English to another one using next language switcher.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 06/05/2020

  • Guess what??? Now reports can be Auto-Loaded! Please click here to check our IntelliBoard Video with more details Star-Struck on WhatsApp
  • Wanted to change your password, but didn't know how to do that? Read about this here!
  • Exporting SubAccounts/IB users and multiple deleting is available, too! Click on Export SubAccounts/IB users or select several of them and click on Delete Selected SubAccount/IB user(s).

WHAT'S NEW FROM 10/21/2019

  • Update to 1.3.1WAR File/Building Block – you MUST completely uninstallWAR File/Building Block before the re-installing 1.3.1WAR File/Building Block.  Due to significant rework, completely delete the connection inside IntelliBoard and create new Connection.
  • Now you're able to set up Teacher and Learner Roles for your IntelliBoard to automatically filter Instructor and Learner reports by roles. You can do it from Settings + Options > Servers > Teacher Roles OR Learner Roles. Notice that you must have 1.3.1 War File of IntelliBoard plugin.
  • Meet the parade of new reports! Notice that you must have 1.3.1 War File of IntelliBoard plugin.
  • Birth Year and Company columns were removed from Inactive Users in System report.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 10/7/2019

  • SubAccounts/IB users got tooltips for the far right column. You can see them by hovering over that buttons.
  • Now you can reset your report settings by clicking Personalize Report > Reset!
  • Introducing a new Course Filter OptionSingle or Multiple - it's up to you! From the report go to Personalize Report > Edit and select Single or Multiple courses under Course Filter Option. Note that accounts with more than 20,000 total users will default to single course, but this may be changed.
  • Want to email/schedule a report in PDF format? Just do it!
  • Search Box contains an “X” to clear!
  • Not enough space to see the full report/monitor name in the navigation menu? Resize it!
  • Freezing columns in available in reports! You can set it up under Personalize Report > Edit.
  • Exporting is becoming more visual thanks to Export History! It allows you to view files for export before downloading them to your device.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 9/4/2019

  • Now you may Sync SubAccounts/IB users from your LMS system! Read more about it HERE.
  • You can email from LTI within Blackboard! 
  • New report? Yes! Find the System Activities report under Course Reports > All Course Usage.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 8/14/2019

  • Need to email your reports directly from your LMS? Now it's available! Blackboard Learn LTI now can send emails! Select needed report, click on "Share" button and hit "Email".

WHAT'S NEW FROM 7/31/2019

  • More options for frequency of scheduled reports! "Monthly" option allows you select the day of the month when the report will be sent.  "Biweekly" option will send you a notification every 2 weeks.
  • Back button in reports! By clicking on this button, you will return to the previous page that you viewed.
  • LISA begins to offer reports based on your request! Find them in the bottom of your result.
  • Notification History in CEND! Now you can review which notification was sent and when it happened.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 7/24/2019

  • Want to be sure that an Alternative Name will be applied for your SubAccounts/IB users, too? Starting from now if an Admin provides an Alternative Name to a report, that Alternative Name will trickle down to the SubAccount/IB user.
  • Monitors reflect two decimal points! Now you can be more confident in your summary data.
  • Permit updation! You can select "All Monitors / No monitors" option to add/remove them for an Organizational Role and/or SubAccount/IB user in one time.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 7/10/2019

  • Trying to sort your report by Course Creation Date? Now you can filter your reports by "Creation Date". Here you can find detailed information about Filters usage. 

WHAT'S NEW FROM 07/05/2019

  • Want to switch languages for your IntelliBoard? Click on a Globe and change language that is better for you! 

WHAT'S NEW FROM 06/11/2019

  • Still waiting for new functions? We are grateful for you patience, and notify you that the requested updates must wait 6-8 weeks.
  • Want to learn more about new LISA 2.0? Click HERE for reading about it's amazing features!

WHAT'S NEW FROM 06/05/2019

  • Have you already noticed a blue beacon? Meet new LISA 2.0! Now it includes everyone's favorite feature "Ask LISA", live chat with Client Services Team, "Contact Us" section for leaving messages for us so we can email you, and Support Portal articles so you may learn more about IntelliBoard's awesome functions. Please note that LISA 2.0 is in beta testing, and if you you’ve encountered something you want to share with us, use live chat or message box.

WHAT'S NEW FROM 05/10/2019

  • Now you may import multiple SubAccounts/IB users from a CSV file and even your LMS system! Read more about it HERE.
  • New Report added: Course Content Logs (click on the report for more information).
  • New Course Filter Formats are added: Term Filter and Discipline Filter ( Under Settings + Options > [Your Connection] > Advanced Settings).  
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