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Clicking the "Share Arrow" icon allows you to Email, Schedule, Bookmark and Share your report.


Step 1

 Add the recipient's email

Step 2

 Edit Subject line, if necessary

Step 3

 Select Attachment type: XLS, CSV, or PDF

Step 4

Create and format the Message which will appear as the email body


Send Email (or Cancel or go back to the report from the top right hand corner)



Boxed Items

Based off the report's filters, the initial steps of building a scheduled report will change.   Each step will need to be successfully completed and then the next step will automatically populate. To send the scheduled report to multiple people, please use a space or a comma.  Use "Enter" to move on to the next step.

1 - Report Date Filter Type

If a report has several options for choosing filtering by time, the same drop-down list will be found under it's scheduling.

2 - Report Date Filter

Use the box to toggle on/off the Date Filter.  The Report Date Filter here correlates to the Date Filter inside the Report.  To choose "All Time" simply leave the Date Filter disabled.  To choose a specific time period, select the number value and the time value from the drop downs.

3 - Name

Edit Name line, if necessary. Name line is used for scheduled report. It will be showed in CEND center.

4 - Subject

Edit Subject line, if necessary.

5 - Status

Status relates to whether or not the Schedule Report is active (sending the report) or inactive (not sending the report).

6 - Notification Expiration Date 

Set the expiration date; leaving blank will run the report continuously. For example, you may want set the expiration date to correlate with a holiday break, the end of Fall Semester, or the end of Q4.

7 - Attachment

Select Attachment type: XLS, CSV, or PDF.

8 - Frequency

Select how often you'd like the email to be sent.

9 - Send Empty Report

Select whether the report will be sent if it does not contain data on the specified parameters.

10 - Message

Create and format the Message which will appear as the email body.

11 - SAVE

Save Scheduled Report (or Cancel).

When an email is scheduled, it will be sent from IB and will come from 



Click HERE to watch the video about how to bookmark a report.

Clicking "Bookmark" will allow you to save the report with settings you've done by adding the name of the bookmark. Clicking "Save" will add the report to "Bookmark(s)" in IntelliBoard's Navigation Bar. 

NOTE: You are able to bookmark the report several times with different settings. 

You can also bookmark the report by clicking the small flag near the report name. 


You can review the creation date (1), swap bookmarks (2) and/or rename them (3) by clicking gear wheel near the "Bookmark(s)" in the navigation menu.





Clicking "Share" will allow you to create an API key that will allow you to either share an external link or Embed the report.  First select the connection you wish to share and set the expiration date.  The width/height refers to the embed code.

Share the External Link or use the Embed Code to share your data.

NOTE: Sharing the External Link or the Embed Code allows a person external to access to view the full report and utilize all filters.  Please share and embed accordingly.

For additional assistance, please email

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