How To Create A Monitor Set - Canvas LMS

Want to create your own set of monitors? Find a guide below.

Before you get started... 

  • The Monitor functionality may be made available to SubAccounts/IB users. Details may be found here.
  • The Monitor features list may be found here.
  • Monitor Set can be set as Homepage for 1) Main Subscriber, for 2) SubAccounts/IB users.

Step 1: Create a Monitor Set

  • After logging on to IntelliBoard, choose Monitors and click Create Monitor Set. 
  • In the center of the screen, click Create Monitor Set.


Step 2: Write Your Monitor Set

1) Name

Name your monitor set if you wish to make the name more specific for your audience.

2) Dashboard Preview

Place monitors in suitable places and change their size as you want.

3) Configurations (white supplement)

Change monitor places and configure them by clicking 3 dots in the right side of the monitor to specify your data. NOTE: Most of monitors don't have configurations.

4) Available Monitors

Drag and drop needed monitors to the dashboard to make your monitor set more convenient for you to use.

5) Save

Save your changes.

6) Talk with Us

Connect with us with additional questions.


Step 3: See your Monitor Sets!


Navigate to Monitors and find and run your monitor sets! 

Monitor Sets can be edited at any time through by clicking Personalize Monitor Set.



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